Client Reviews

Trevor C.

would recommend working with David Jackson. Our transaction was a bit overwhelming andfrustrating at times but David Jackson went above and beyond to keep both parties happy andinformed. His professional nature was top notch


— Trevor C.

Margy & Mel A.

Dave Jackson understood our situation and did his best to sell our property. He outlined whatneeded to be done, assisted us with referrals in specific fields that we needed to address. He wasvery professional, as were his resources. All said and...


— Margy & Mel A.

Devon B.

Never in my life would I have thought buying a house would have been so easy. Tim knocked itoutbid the park with the most sincere care and professionalism. I hope to never move again. But ifI do I know Tim will handle everything for me making things...


— Devon B.

Hailey C.

I highly recommend Dave Jackson. He was helpful throughout the whole process and reallyfocused on our needs.


— Hailey C.

Anne Marie & Enzo F.

As this was my first purchase of a home...I had a million questions! Dave was very professional, knowledgeable, organized and always responded in a prompt manner (phone calls, texts, and emails!). I also had a date I had to be out of my apartment by...


— Anne Marie & Enzo F.

Chris S.

Tim was very compassionate for my situation and is the most knoledgeable young professional I have worked with even outside of the realities profession !


— Chris S.

Chris B.

Dave is an incredibly knowledgeable and professional realtor that took a great deal of stress awayfrom my first time purchasing a house.


— Chris B.

Kevin M.

Honest, genuine, and a great negotiator! You don't feel pushed like you would with most othersalesmen. Dave is the way to go! I would 100% recommend him to anyone.


— Kevin M.

Collen H.

This was my first time buying a home. Dave was extremely patient, personable, helpful, andthorough. I'm so glad he was recommended to us. I will be recommending him to anyone I knowlooking to buy a home.


— Collen H.

Bekky & John M.

Would highly recommend David.He is a great realitor.


— Bekky & John M.

Pino C.

Mr. Jackson made the home buying experience amazing. He explained every detail every step ofthe way. He remained involved from start to finish. His knowledge of the realtor business and thehousing market is second to none. I will definitely...


— Pino C.

Rochester NY

Tim was extremely helpful. He was on top of new listings and gave insightful advice on each home we visited. Tim is the man. If you don’t hire him, you’re doing house buying


— Anonymous

Hayley K

Great Experience with Tim. Very Efficient, Attentive and Reliable. Always responded to any queries or set-backs swiftly and professionally making what could have been a complicated purchase run smoothly.


— Haylay K.

Maria H.

I would hire Dave Jackson again in a heartbeat. He is professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and reassuring. He made what could have been a daunting process virtually seamless because he goes above and beyond throughout the entire process. In...


— Maria H.

Rush NY

After deciding to start looking for our first home, we happened to find Tim after inquiring about a home on Zillow. Fortunately for us, Tim was willing to go the extra mile in filling us in, and meeting us at homes that we had interest in that were...


— Anonymous

Allyssa B.

Dave was nothing short of incredible. Getting the house listed for sale was a breeze and the pics his guys take are STUNNING. On the FIRST DAY it was listed I had over 10 showings, 3 offers, and the house sold for more than I could have ever hoped....


— Allyssa B.

Le Roy NY

Tim is a great guy if I had any questions he went above and beyond to help me purchase a house he talked to me about everything the pros and cons about anything I asked if I needed a house or was selling my house Tim would be the man I would call


— Anonymous

Tiffany G.

Timothy was very patient and quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had. He made the whole home buying experience very easy and enjoyable. Tim provided honest feedback and expertise on each of the properties that we looked at. He was...


— Tiffany G.

Alex D.

“Tim is hands down the best Realtor you could choose to go with. The process was fairly quick, simple and he never left us with unanswered questions. He pointed us in the right direction with who we needed to stay in contact with during the...


— Alex D.

Melissa H.

“Worked very hard to sell my home and get me what I wanted, not just what I needed in the next.”


— Melissa H.

CJ & Jillian L.

We absolutely loved working with Dave to find the perfect home for our family! It wasn't the easiestor quickest ride, but Dave made it so much more pleasant! He was there when we needed him,and he made sure that we had and knew everything that we...


— CJ & Jillian L.

Nadine & Rodney L.

"My husband and I had a great experience with David in 2016, and we highly recommend him as we did to one of our close friend. We were very pleased with his service he listened to our wants and we now live in an area with great neighbors.“


— Nadine & Rodney L.

Donna P.

“Approachable, dependable, trustworthy, & realistic”


— Donna P.

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